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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How I spend my $50 grocery budget: week 3/12/12 part 2

This week was another price matching week at Walmart. I did still end up running into Meijer for the toilet paper, because I couldn't find anything comparable at Walmart, but without any children it took was only an 8 minute detour.

A quick announcement: starting next week, my grocery recap will be on Wednesdays for a while. My son is starting preschool, so our schedule is changing. If you'd like to see the menu plans earlier, let me know.

last week's carry-over: $4.28

3 doz large eggs $1 each (Kroger)
store brand sour cream $1.99 (Kroger)
5 lb bag grapefruit $2 (Kroger)
1 doz jumbo eggs $.25 (Carnival)
2 cartons strawberries $.88 each (Carnival)
2 boxes Van de Kamp's breaded fish $2.99 each (Meijer)
store brand hamburger buns $1.11 (Meijer)
2 gal milk $2.50 each
baking powder $1.28
marshmallows $1
hotdogs $.98
Total: $24.35

toilet paper (30 double rolls) $12.99
Total: $13.90
 And don't forget my $9.52 purchase of shampoo and conditioner from the weekend.
That brings us to a grand total of $47.77 for the main part of the week, leaving me $6.51 to get the veggies for my son's birthday party on Saturday.

update: spent approximately $5.50 getting the veggies at Aldi, but I forgot to look at the receipt and the change wasn't all accounted for. I'm gong to make it easy and say I have $1 carry-over for next week

So what is our menu for the week?

  • cereal
  • scrambled eggs
  • toast and grapefruit
  • pancakes
  • sandwiches (PB&J, ham, bologna)
  • hotdogs
  • hamburgers
  • leftovers
  • shepherd's pie
  • fish sandwiches + coleslaw
  • spaghetti
  • grilled stuffed burritos
  • pot pie
  • out for my dad's birthday
  • at my parents


  1. You should create a Pinterest share button because I'd love to Pin your blog!!

  2. wow! Grocery envy! Your groceries are way cheaper than were I am! Kroger price $2 for a dozen eggs and milk it almost 4 no matter where I shop. Strawberries are never below 2.50 as well. Do you use coupons? What's your secret?

    1. My strategy for this particular week was to price match from the sales ads. When I use coupons, I make note of it- I used to coupon all the time, but have since taken a break. Other than the milk your prices are very similar to the normal prices around here too. What area are you in? I'm in Central Ohio, so my prices are lower than in a big city, but there are some other areas that are still cheaper.

  3. I live in Hawaii, the price on milk alone can vary between $4.70-$8 a gallon. Even back in upstate NY it was at the least, $3.50. With two little kids, we go through about two gallons a week so that is almost half your budget if I were to buy milk at the highest cost, therefore I am incredibly envious.


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